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The Virtual Conference for Moms and Future Moms wanting to Have Fun, Become Excellent and Feel Satisfied in Motherhood.
Looking for More Helps and Hints in Motherhood?
There are certainly times when a mother can use a break. What if, more than a "time out" or a break-from-motherhood-to-recharge-your-batteries, you discovered more excellent ways to enjoy motherhood? To find more satisfaction - even in the most difficult and stressful times. 

We are committed to helping mothers learn from experts, and from one another, how to have fun, become excellent and feel satisfied as mothers!  We have hand-picked a selection of speakers to help us all do just that. 
The Mommy Joy Summit speakers have been featured in...
     Buzzfeed, Glamour Magazine,, LDS Living, Bella Magazine and more!
Why Should You Attend the Mommy Joy Summit?
No Travel
A virtual summit is held online.

You can watch all of the presentations from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you have a good internet connection) in your pajamas if you like.
Free Admission
With free admission you can watch each of the speaker's presentations when they debut for the first time according to the agenda below.

Each presentation will remain online for 24-hours after it is first aired so you can catch a replay.
Expert Speakers
We have hand-picked some of the best speakers to present on marriage and motherhood.
Some of the Experts who will be joining us in the
Mommy Joy 2017 Summit
Merrilee Brown Boyack
Author of 13 Books
     Including Strangling You Husband is NOT an Option
Bryan Winward
Institute & Marriage Instructor
A Choice Called Love
Travis & Amanda Arrington
Tippy Top Life
A Couples Journey through Pornography
Becky Edwards
Purpose Driven Motherhood
Healthy Food, Happy Mood
Scott Wilhite
If Momma Aint Happy...
Bekah Westfall
The Cozy Chair
 Creating a House of Learning 
Six Sisters
Food and Fitness
for the Busy Mom
Curtis Thomas
Getting Your Marriage Unstuck
Kim Stoddard
The Small Seed
Seeds of Spirituality
K'Lyn Thomas
Mommy Joy
How Do You Survive
Melanie Schwendiman
Loving Life
Carleen Tanner
Positive Parenting
Positive Discipline
Are You Ready to Attend?
Get free, limited-access to all the Mommy Joy Summit interviews!
(all times are MST)
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
     11:10 am      Lauren with Six Sisters StrongCaring for your body.

     3:10 pm      Scott with nCOURAGE.LIFEIf Mama Aint Happy...

     4:10 pm        Kim with The Small SeedSeeds of Spirituality.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
     10:00 am      Bryan – Choosing to Love.

     12:00 pm      Curtis with – Getting Your Marriage Unstuck.

     2:00 pm        Travis and Amanda with Tippy Top Life – A Couples Journey Through Pornography.

Thursday, May 25, 2017
     10:00 am      Carleen with Positive Parenting – Positive Discipline.

     12:00 pm      Melanie – Loving Life.

     2:00 pm        Becky with Purpose Driven Motherhood – Healthy Food, Happy Mood.

Friday, May 26, 2017
     10:00 am      Bekah with The Cozy Chair – House of Learning.

     12:00 pm      Carleen with Positive Parenting – Summertime Success not Stress.

     2:00 pm        Lauren with Six Sisters Stuff – Creating Meaningful Mealtimes.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Mommy Joy 2017 Summit?
      The Mommy Joy Summit is a four day virtual event during which experts will share their insights and expertise with you on Marriage, Family and Home.
Do I have to travel to the Mommy Joy Summit to attend?
      Nope!  The Mommy Joy Summit is a virtual event, meaning that there is no physical meeting location for this conference.  The interviews will be streamed at the given dates and times specified (you can view the Agenda above on this page.)  Anyone who has a free ticket to the event will receive the links to acccess the broadcasts of these interviews.
Is the summit really free?
      Yes!  Anyone who has claimed their free ticket will be sent links where they can access the broadcasts of the interviews with the speakers.  These broadcasts will remain available for 24-hours, whereupon they will be removed and no longer accessible.  Make sure you take note of the Agenda (above on this page), and schedule to attend the sessions that interest you most!
What if I miss one of the presentations?
     We recognize that it is difficult to attend every presentation at the date and time specified.  That is why we have made each broadcast available for 24-hours from the time it is scheduled to air.  Links to view these broadcasts will be emailed to those who have claimed their free ticket.
Hi! I'm your summit host, K'Lyn Thomas.
Mother of Seven
For as long as I can remember I have dreamed about and prepared to become a mother.  I love to learn. I especially love to learn new perspectives, tips and ideas. 
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